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New Teeth for Chain Conveyor – Innovative new Sprocket Reducing Costs and Increasing Efficiency

In 2012 Halbach & Braun Industrieanlagen GmbH & Co. in Hattingen/Germany, which has almost 100 years experience in the design and manufacturing of chain conveyors, made an innovative step to improve the exchange of worn sprockets by changing only teeth bars instead of complete sprockets. This new design was successfully tested on a mine in China, proving advantages in handling ...

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Intelligent Face Systems with a Direct Link to the Mine Control Room Provide New Technology for the International Coal Industry

This paper discusses the intelligent interaction of the key systems that make up a longwall mining installation. The high level of automation that can be achieved with an interlinked system is the key to greater efficiency, by way of energy and resource savings, and a significant improvement in workplace safety. The involvement of operator know-how is the essential element in ...

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BGR Energy Study 2014 – Observations from a Coal-Industry Perspective

In December 2014 the Federal Institute for Geo-Sciences and Raw Materials (BGR) presented its new ‘Energy Study 2014’ that takes stock of ‘reserves, resources and the availability of energy supplies’ at national and global level in 2013. In publishing the study the BGR hopes to contribute to the public debate on Germany’s current and future energy supply situation by providing ...

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FABERG – 93 Years of Mining Industry Standards

FABERG, the Herne-based mining standards committee, is part of the German Institute for Standardisation (DIN) in Berlin. As a joint institution of the German mining industry FABERG is supported by the Berlin-based VRB (German Association for Raw Materials and Mining) and in terms of its organisation and staff is affiliated to the Deutsche Montan Technologie (DMT) for Mining, Energy and ...

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Advantages and Applications of Rail Haulage Systems in Underground Hard Rock Mining Operations

In the past twenty years, substantial efforts have been made to introduce improvements to rail haulage systems and to catch up with the advantages of the other methods of haulage and conveyance in underground hard rock mining operations. Modern high performance rail haulage systems eliminate the historical disadvantages and have been able to take over the ‘number-one’ position with regard ...

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Setting the REE Industry-Specific Criteria and their Significant Role in the Viability of Rare Earth Underground Mining Projects

To evaluate the feasibility of a future underground mining operation is a complex problem in itself, with several different parameters to be accounted for and evaluated to secure investment decisions over the viability of any potential underground mining project. This procedure gets even more complicated when it comes to exploiting rare earth deposits. Various concerns are expressed regarding the environmental ...

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