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Fachartikel 01_2021

Trackless Loading and Transport Technology for Underground Mining

Underground ore mining, as currently practised around the world, would be unthinkable without trackless vehicles. This technology was first introduced into the mining industry on a trial basis some 60 years ago and its market potential has continued to grow in the intervening years. This can be attributed to the growing international demand for raw materials and also to the ...

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Alternative Transfer Chute System

In practice bulk material transfer chutes for belt conveyors often cause problems. Depending on the bulk material to be conveyed, the chutes are often subject to severe wear, which minimizes the durability of the chutes and expensive wear protection material is often replaced at very short intervals. The wear also relates to the belt conveyor downstream of the chute. If ...

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Mining in the Heat

Effective lubrication can help mining operators achieve greater efficiency and lower running costs. But in the sector’s notoriously tough, hot conditions, there are several environmental challenges to consider and overcome when choosing and administering a grease. From equipment variations, to high loads, searing temperatures and possible contamination, there is a lot to think through before seasons are considered. How far ...

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The Use of Numerical Simulations in Longwall Coal Mining

Numerical simulations provide a cost-effective way to plan and optimize a longwall. In this study numerical simulations are used to identify the necessary support pressure and the maximum distance between shield support and coal face in a target coal seam. The stress state, as well as the subsidence and the excavation damage zone in the hanging wall of a longwall ...

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