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Fachartikel 02_2021

Directory of Mine Rescue Works Updated by the German Committee for Mine Rescue Services

Since summer 2019, an ad hoc group of the German Committee for Mine Rescue (Deutscher Ausschuss für Grubenrettungswesen – DA GRW) has been discussing several unanswered questions regarding the equipment of the mine rescue brigades currently active in Germany. The following questions were to be answered: Are there any supply gaps regarding the standard equipment of the mine rescue brigades, ...

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Optimization and Enhancement of Mine Rescue Services in Saxony

In recent years and decades, structural change has taken place in all German mining regions. In general, it can be said that the old-established, large-scale coal and ore mines have been closed down or have moved from an active extraction phase to rehabilitation mining, combined with a corresponding reduction in the number of employees. At the same time, we are ...

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Occupational Safety and Health and its Consideration in Higher Education

afety is the highest goal in a mining operation due to its responsibility towards the involved persons as employees but also in terms of the society. Furthermore, economical risks are closely related to unsafe working standards enhancing the severity of incidents. The mentality for safe and aware behavior needs to be set for all internal stakeholders of mining activities and ...

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Possible Effects of Dusts and Harmful Gases on Fans

Fans provide artificial air movement in mines. They are assigned to different applications. Whilst the main fans provide the total fresh air requirement for the mine workings, auxiliary fans provide pressure increases or relief and support the total ventilation system. Special fans form part of the primary haulage framework to bring fresh air to the workplaces and the working face. ...

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Hard Coal 2020

The Coal Importers Association (VDKi), Berlin/Germany, will be celebrating 125 years of association history in 2021. The year 2021 also marks the first year of implementation of the measures that will put an end to coal-fired power generation. Despite the difficulties caused by the current coronavirus pandemic, the energy industry has proven its ability to maintain supply lines; deliveries to ...

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