Fig. 1. A pipe conveyor is at the core of the supplied system: The enclosed system ensures environmentally safe, dust-free and low-energy transport of the alternative fuels. // Bild 1. Kern der gelieferten Anlage ist ein Pipe Conveyor: Das geschlossene System transportiert die alternativen Brennstoffe umweltfreundlich, staubfrei und energiearm. Photo/Foto: BEUMER

An entirely closed system

In order to improve the efficiency of its operations, Deuna Zement GmbH, a subsidiary of Dyckerhoff, will use alternative fuels to fire the main burners of the two rotary furnaces in its plant in Deuna, a town situated in the German Free State of Thuringia. Umweltdienste Bohn GmbH, based in Alsfeld, was commissioned to supply Deuna Zement with alternative fuels and will build a processing plant on Deuna’s premises as part of this partnership.

As the general contractor, Umweltdienste Bohn engaged the BEUMER Group, Beckum/Germany, to provide a single-source solution for efficient conveying and feeding of the materials, which have different compositions. A pipe conveyor is at the core of the system. The enclosed system ensures environmentally safe, emission-free and low-energy transport of the material (Figure 1).

The scope of supply also includes three feeding hoppers with a screw conveyor, belt conveyor, rotary starscreens, scales, and in addition steel structure, electronics and controls.

“The client has opted for us because we supply the entire system from one source,” says Tomas Hrala, project manager at BEUMER. “Our know-how and our tailor-made systems permit us to offer optimum assistance.” Umweltdienste Bohn also gets comprehensive support from BEUMER, which can be contacted at all times.

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