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Fachartikel 2024

Going Underground: The Großsteinberg Mine in Saxony

This pilot project is based on an initiative being developed by Basalt-Actien-Gesellschaft (Basalt AG) in Linz am Rhein/Germany: While domestic raw materials extraction has for many decades been a cornerstone of the economy and a key factor in the delivery of essential services, rock quarrying today is increasingly caught between the conflicting priorities of industrial production, on one hand, and ...

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Sensor Data Fusion for Navigation Systems for the Extraction of Raw Materials in the Deep Sea

Copper ores are found in massive sulphide deposits in the rift zones of the oceans. For the exploration and mining of these hydrothermally formed and very small-scale heterogeneously structured deposits, exact position data of the mining equipment used and also of the individual mining tools are required. At depths of over 2,000 m, navigation has to manage without the support ...

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Successfully Implementing an IoT Solution in the Mining Industry – an Experience Report by talpasolutions

Digitalization and the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies have revolutionized the mining industry, offering strategic and operational advantages. These advancements simplify and optimize various aspects of mining operations, such as resource utilization, business processes and data-driven decision-making. In this article, the author will explore how IoT solutions are transforming the mining sector, focusing on the success story of ...

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BIM – Taking Collaboration in Mining to a New Level

The engineering industry often faces the challenge of extracting knowledge from a wealth of collected information. Without adequate capture, structuring, maintenance and provision of planning information collected over time, there is a risk that essential project knowledge is lost. Building Information Modeling (BIM) has established itself as a widely proven and established method for efficient collaboration, especially in the field ...

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Internet of Things and Digitalization for the Circular Economy – a New Lecture at Clausthal University of Technology

According to the 2024 Ernst & Young ranking of top business risk and opportunities in mining and metals, workforce talent recruitment and retention, as well as digital technologies and innovation towards Mining 4.0 remain in the top ten of the outmost challenges for mining. On the first, the industry is conducting several initiatives to address the younger workforce better and ...

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Reform of the Approval Regime Under Mining Law?

The debate on the reform of mining law is gaining momentum. What should remain as it is and what should be changed? This question is considered in greater detail from the perspective of the approval procedure under mining law in this article. See issue 3/2022 of Mining Report Glückauf for more information about raw material requirements planning. 1  Maintaining licences ...

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