The Board of Directors of Metso Outotec Corp. convened after the registration of the demerger of Metso Corp.. The members of the Board of Directors of Metso Outotec are Mikael Lilius (Chair), Matti Alahuhta (Vice Chair), Klaus Cawén, Christer Gardell, Hanne de Mora, Antti Mäkinen, Ian W. Pearce, Emanuela Speranza, Kari Stadigh and Arja Talma. In its organizational meeting, Metso Outotec’s Board of Directors decided to establish an Audit Committee, with the objective of, among other things, overseeing the Company’s financial reporting and preparing issues for the Board of Directors and a Remuneration and HR Committee, with the objective of reviewing and monitoring the Company’s remuneration and incentive systems, the performance and compensation of the President and CEO, succession planning and talent management and people development programs as well as preparing proposals for the appointment of Executive Team members. In its meeting, the Board of Directors elected the members of its two Committees. Arja Talma was elected Chair and Klaus Cawén and Antti Mäkinen as members of the Audit Committee. Antti Mäkinen was elected Chair and Christer Gardell and Hanne de Mora members of the Remuneration and HR Committee.