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The British distributor Obart from Maidstone in Kent now trades as Tsurumi Pumps UK. Photo: Tsurumi

New sales company established

The British distributor Obart from Maidstone in Kent now trades as Tsurumi Pumps UK. This means that the Japanese manufacturer now has six sales companies in Europe. This was announced by Tsurumi’s European headquarters in Düsseldorf/Germany. The change of name took place on 1st September 2023, following Tsurumi’s entry as majority shareholder in the dealer in 2020.

Happy about the expansion in the UK: Daniel Weippert, Managing Director of Tsurumi Europe, with Matthew and Jamie Hill from Obart Pumps (from left to right). Photo: Tsurumi

Since 1972, Obart has been supplying the United Kingdom with pumps for dewatering and sewage treatment. Barely three years later, the first Japanese pumps were added to the supply and rental programme. Matthew Hill, Managing Director at Tsurumi Pumps UK, said that the units had become popular due to their high performance, reliability and ease of maintenance. The high hydraulic-energy efficiency, the biodegradable lubricating oil and the new options for remote monitoring and control of the entire water logistics are further aspects. They form the basis for the success of the brand.

“This move will have a positive impact on our customers and enable us to expand as a market-leading supplier of dewatering pumps,” Hill announced. Workforce, management and company headquarters will remain unchanged, he said.

With Tsurumi Pumps UK, Tsurumi Europe now runs six subsidiaries. The manufacturer is also present in Belgium, Germany, France, Sweden and Spain. In addition, there is a dense network with many hundreds of dealers and service points.

Tsurumi is considered the world’s largest manufacturer of dewatering pumps for the construction industry. Since its foundation in 1924, the company has specialised exclusively in technologies for water utilisation.

The product range includes pumps for clear, mud and waste water, build as submersible units or for dry installation. In Europe, more than 500 types are available with flow rates of up to 30 m3/min or 216 m maximum head. The company is committed to providing the best service in the industry. “Stronger for longer” is the brand’s slogan.

The headquarters are located in Osaka/Japan. In Kyoto, Tsurumi operates the industry’s largest manufacturing facility with an annual capacity of one million pumps. 860 employees generate an annual turnover of around 350 M€.

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