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An infrastructure project "Amvrakia Odos" in Greece is being implemented with a Kleemann plant train from the PRO line: MOBICAT MC 120i PRO and MOBICONE MCO 110i PRO, supplemented by the classifying screen MOBISCREEN MSC 953i EVO. Photo: Wirtgen

Plant train performs impressively in limestone in Greece

Infrastructure project “Amvrakia Odos” implemented with a combination of jaw and cone crusher and a screening plant

A mobile Kleemann plant train is deployed in Amphilochia on the Greek mainland. The efficient plant train consists of the jaw crusher MOBICAT MC 120i PRO, the cone crusher MOBICONE MCO 110i PRO and a classifying screen MOBISCREEN MSC 953i EVO.

 Economic and sustainable solutions

Construction of the 48.5 km-long highway, which will play an important role for the Ambracian Gulf’s tourist region in north-west Greece, will require a large amount of high-quality processed rock material. During project planning, the building company carrying out the work decided on a Kleemann plant train from the PRO line: MOBICAT MC 120i PRO and MOBICONE MCO 110i PRO. The two power packs are complemented by the classifying screen MOBISCREEN MSC 953i EVO.

The limestone on site has a high quartz content. The feed material (feed size 0-600 mm) is very sticky and contains a high proportion of soil in addition to the quartz. Perfect application area for the jaw crusher MOBICAT MC 120i PRO, which is used as a primary crusher in the plant train, and impresses with its efficient double-deck prescreen. It discharges any fines even before the crushing process. The jaw crusher loads the downstream cone crusher MOBICONE MCO 110i PRO, while the Kleemann screening plant delivers the four final products prescribed for road construction: 0-4, 4-16, 16-32 and 0-32.

Intelligently linked for an exceptionally stable process

The intelligent line coupling of Kleemann makes a stable process possible and guarantees safety. Photo: Wirtgen

The three plants in Amphilochia are intelligently linked, which ensures a stable process thanks to automatic control. Each machine works on its own but sends signals to the upstream and downstream machines in the event of malfunctions or overfilling. The Continuous Feed System (CFS) also guarantees optimum utilization of the crusher. All components are thus loaded evenly. The connection of all machines also guarantees safety: If an emergency stop is pressed anywhere on the plant train, all machines are safely stopped. The concept prevents damage or overload situations. And this results in high availability and performance throughout with low wear.

High output and low fuel consumption

The Kleemann plant train with its PRO crushers impresses with its material preparation of up to 410 tons per hour and the ability to supply large feed material of up to 600 mm. “The Kleemann machines are exceptionally powerful and can successfully take on any application. We are very satisfied with the output and expect to process 1.5 million tons during the 18 month of operation,” says a delighted Aris Svolos, owner of AIGISTOS S.A.

The crushing machines are equipped with powerful E-DRIVE diesel-electric drives. Fuel consumption is low, and it is possible to retrofit the plants with the “external power supply” option. This makes the machines future-proof.

Outstanding: Support and Service

For such large projects, it isn’t only the extremely efficient performance of the machines that counts. Close collaboration with local contacts is also key. In Greece, customers of Wirtgen Group are supported by the local dealer Helma S.A. “We are very satisfied with our contact partners at Kleemann and Helma. And we especially appreciate their willingness to find practicable solutions. Knowing that we can count on quick, straightforward support when things get challenging gives me real peace of mind,” confirms Aris Svolos.

The team from the construction company carrying out the work appreciates the fast hands-on service from Kleemann and the local Wirtgen Group dealer. Photo: Wirtgen

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