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Fig. 1. SENS starts the building of two PV parks in Toledo. Photo: Iqony

SENS starts the building of two PV parks in Toledo

SENS – Iqony Solar Energy Solutions Ibérica starts the construction of two photovoltaic (PV) parks in Pepino in the Spanish province of Toledo. Both parks, known as Pepino 20 and Pepino 3, will consist of 40,000 modules that will avoid the emission of more than 24 t/a of CO2 into the atmosphere, which will considerably reduce the carbon footprint of the entire area (Figure 1).

Pepino 20 and Pepino 3, which will occupy an area of 59 ha, will have a total capacity of 25.54 MWp and will produce 51,495 MW/h of energy per year. Both parks will provide green energy to 15,000 households.

“SENS is a company deeply committed to sustainability, care for the environment and reducing its carbon footprint. The construction of these two PV parks is another major step forward in our journey to build a better and cleaner society,” says Oscar Page, CEO of SENS Iberia, subsidiary of the German solar provider SENS, Würzburg.

SENS Ibérica started its operations in Spain in 2010. It currently has offices in Madrid, Seville and Lisbon. The company, which has just over 100 employees in Spain and Portugal, combines local knowledge with international experience, which has enabled it to experience rapid and significant growth.

In addition to the development and construction of large-scale PV plants, SENS offers innovative PV self-consumption solutions for trade and industry. The company has another cross-cutting business line dedicated to the operation and maintenance of PV parks, which is very active in other innovative solutions. (Iqony/Si.)