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Fig. 2. Elevate devices are attached to the conveyor belt cleaners. // Bild 2. Die Elevate-Geräte werden an den Förderbandabstreifern angebrachtPhoto/Foto: Flexco

STUVA Expo: Flexco Europe to present conveyor belt cleaners together with a digital monitoring system

STUVA Expo, the international trade fair for tunnel construction and infrastructure (November 8 and 9 in Munich), is one of the world’s most important forums for underground construction. At its booth A119, Flexco Europe will be presenting a model comprising various belt cleaners for heavy-duty applications. The belt cleaners are monitored by Elevate, an intelligent Industry 4.0 solution which reduces and avoids unexpected belt downtimes.

 Tunnel boring machines can excavate several hundred meters per week depending on the geology of the site. The extracted rock and soil must be removed by belt conveyors at the same rate. Unexpected shutdowns of these systems can have expensive consequences because operation must cease until the problem is solved. One reason for such an interruption can be the need to remove moist, sticky, dry or abrasive residues from a belt, which can cause carryback.

Flexco Europe offers a variety of conveyor belt cleaners to minimize this risk. An example is the H-type precleaner, which is designed to be mounted on the head pulley. Its carbide blades efficiently remove material that stubbornly adheres to a belt. This solution is especially effective in tunnel construction. The blades are individually mounted on cushions. As a result, the modules are sprung independently of one another and adjust themselves individually as they wear. This ensures optimum contact at all times.

Another key element is the MMP precleaner. Its robust design ensures high cleaning performance along with simple installation and minimal maintenance expenditure. Operators have a choice of various cleaner blades made of polyurethane.

Fig. 1. Secondary belt cleaners from the T-Type series reliably remove stubborn residues. // Bild 1. Der Sekundärabstreifer der Baureihe T-Type entfernt hartnäckige Rückstände zuverlässig. Photo/Foto: Flexco

Secondary belt cleaners can increase the cleaning efficiency to more than 90 percent by removing persistent fine material as well. Among them are belt cleaners in the T-type series from Flexco Europe (Figure 1). These compact cleaners are installed directly behind the head pulley and remove even stubborn residues from the belt. Their tungsten carbide blades can be rotated by ±15 degrees, enabling them to be perfectly adapted to the belt surface.

As an option, Flexco Europe also offers its Elevate devices (Figure 2), which are attached to the individual conveyor belt cleaners and continually monitor their operation. This intelligent Industry 4.0 solution collects data that can be retrieved in real time via an app or a dashboard, regardless of location (Figure 3).

Bild 3. Employees receive warnings and notifications via an easy-to-use digital dashboard which displays the current state of the conveyor belt system. // Bild 3. Über das digitale und intuitiv zu bedienende Dashboard erhält der Mitarbeiter Warnungen und Benachrichtigungen. Er hat damit den Überblick über den aktuellen Zustand der Förderbandanlage. Photo/Foto: Flexco

Operators can make profound decisions and take remedial measures in good time. For example, in the event of a malfunction signal that requires a preventive belt inspection on site, service technicians can rectify the problem at an early stage and not simply react when a serious failure has already occurred. The Elevate system can be also used to optimize maintenance work.

Flexco Europe will be presenting its belt cleaners together with the Elevate digital monitoring system in a trade fair model.

Flexco Europe at the STUVA Expo: Booth A119

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