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Successful start to the education project “Participation through Education 4.0”

Helping disadvantaged young people on their journey into professional life: This is the objective of the new education project “Participation through Education 4.0” (PaduA) in Saarland. It should bring young people to an apprenticeship and accompany them to successful completion. The programme is also aimed at young people with a migrant background. The project got off to a promising start in September this year. All allocated places have been filled.

16 young people started external vocational training and are prepared for their final examination through additional support programmes and tutoring. In addition, another 48 young people, who are not yet in an apprenticeship, are receiving intensive social-educational coaching about their professional orientation. The focus is on job profiles that are currently in strong demand by the Saarland economy, such as body and vehicle construction, warehousing and logistics, sales and distribution, as well as activities in the hospitality sector or horticulture.

The Minister for the Economy and Labour of Saarland, Anke Rehlinger, sees an important signal for the future in the success of the measure: “We do not abandon anyone. Those who need help starting out in their career also receive it. With this project we create very concrete future prospects for young people who did not always have things easy in their lives by providing them with individual support to overcome barriers. At the same time, we are also counteracting the skills shortage and ensuring that there are qualified skilled workers available for Saarland companies.”

On the initiative of the Ministry of Labour of Saarland, two main sponsors have been acquired for the project: A total of around 1 M € is available. The RAG-Stiftung, Essen/Germany and the Job Centre in the Saarbrücken Regional Association are sharing the costs.

Bärbel Bergerhoff-Wodopia, Member of the Board of Executives at the RAG-Stiftung, highlights the reasons for the RAG-Stiftung sponsoring the project: “The coal mining sector has traditionally offered numerous, in particular disadvantaged, young people various training and education opportunities. The focus was always on particularly close support and guidance of the young people – a recipe for success without doubt and a flagship for training and education in mining at the same time. We continue this with the project.” That is why the RAG-Stiftung is supporting the training and education project with great conviction.

The Zentrum für Bildung und Beruf Saar gGmbH (ZBB) in Burbach implements the support measures. (RAG-Stiftung/Si.)