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Voith has taken over Parts of Conveying Equipment Specialist Hese

Voith has taken over parts of conveying equipment specialist Hese, headquartered in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Hese‘s current factory site in Gelsenkirchen is not part of the takeover. On 12th November 2014, the company filed for insolvency. The areas that have been taken over are to be incorporated into the Mining & Metals division of group division Voith Turbo.

Hese is known in the mining sector for developing the carrier belt-drive belt drive system (TT drive system). TT drive systems allow belt conveyor systems to be operated continuously over longer distances without the need for a different belt quality and with increased efficiency. Additional belt transfer points are not necessary, less dust is produced and the impact on the broken material is minimised.

TT drive systems are also currently one of Hese‘s best-selling mining conveying products, alongside conveyor belt drums (available in various diameters) and the retractable guide rail. They are fitted in the shaft and allow cages to pass through more quickly along the worked stratum. Hese has also made a name for itself in bulk materials conveying, offering both system components and complete systems.

The Mining & Metals division, into which those parts of Hese that have been taken over are to be incorporated, develops and produces products such as coupling technologies and drive systems. These products are used for conveying and transporting raw materials mined both underground and above ground. They provide international industry with important raw materials such as coal, copper, iron ore and nickel.

Voith Turbo, a group division of Voith GmbH, specialises in intelligent drive solutions and systems. Customers from industries such as the oil and gas, energy, mining, metalworking, marine engineering, rail and utility vehicle industries all use technologies developed by Voith Turbo.

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