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Fig. 1. The new Y-Type by Flexco is a flexible secondary cleaner. // Bild 1. Mit dem neuen Y-Type hat Flexco einen flexiblen Sekundärabstreifer im Programm. Photo/Foto: Flexco

The Y-type secondary cleaner by Flexco guarantees outstanding cleaning performance

Material carryback is one of the main causes of potential problems in belt conveyor systems. To prevent this, operators rely on precleaners for coarse materials and secondary cleaners for fine cleaning, and in many cases these cleaning systems can remove more than 90 % of carryback. The new Y-Type by Flexco Europe GmbH, Rosenfeld/Germany, is a flexible secondary cleaner, which can be equipped with various polyurethane or carbide blades, giving users a system that meets their particular requirements in the most efficient way (Figure 1).

Where large quantities of dry foodstuffs have to be conveyed, Flexco also offers its secondary cleaner with chemical-resistant polyurethane blades meeting food industry regulations. Regardless of the use to which the Y-Type is put, it improves the cleaning of the belt, reducing routine maintenance. Flexco offers this flexible solution for both normal and heavy usage, so it is available with a maximum belt speed of between 3 and 3.8 m/s. A spring tensioner maintains a constant blade pressure on the belt at all times, providing a high degree of fine cleaning – and the pressure of the tensioner also ensures that the 75 mm wide blade segments adapt to worn and damaged belts too.

The pole has a diameter of 60 mm for standard loads and 72 mm for heavy-duty loads. Depending on usage, the Y-Type is suitable for belt widths of 450 to 1,200 mm (normal loads) and 900 to 1,800 mm for heavy-duty loads. It can be used at tempera-tures from –35 to 82 °C. Clearly visible wear marks indicate when the segments have to be replaced. The service technician can then either remove and replace the segments individually, or replace the entire cartridge.

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