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Do You Actually Know … the BAUZ Info Cards?

Many tasks in the company are actually pure routine. Things like the regular inspection of work equipment, cleaning work on machines and systems or the use of forklift trucks are part of everyday work. To ensure that daily work is carried out safely and smoothly and that accidents do not result from carelessness, ignorance, convenience or time pressure, the German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the Raw Materials and Chemical Industry (BG RCI), Heidelberg/Germany, recommends the BAUZ info cards. This article was first published in issue 5/6 2022 of the BG RCI magazine.

Author: Sibylle Sauer, Berufsgenossenschaft Rohstoffe und chemische Industrie (BG RCI), Heidelberg/Germany

Even if employees have already carried out certain activities for the umpteenth time, they are not armed against dangers. A brief distraction is enough to cause a mishap! But young workers are also particularly in need of protection because they lack the experience of the “old hands” and often expose themselves to certain hazards due to ignorance or insecurity.

Look at the cards before you start!

Fig. 1. The BAUZ info cards were developed to be topic-specific and practice-oriented. Source: BG RCI

The BAUZ info cards were developed with a practical focus in order to keep as many aspects of a main topic in mind as possible. Short and concise, informative and visualised in such a way that they are ideally suited as a quick check, mini instruction or safety reminder before starting work (Figure 1). In other words, the info cards can be used by employees to inform themselves before starting work or by managers to supplement their instructions in a practical way.

Interested parties will find tips and information on safe working. Various topics related to occupational safety and health are explained in simple terms and illustrated by drawings. This is particularly helpful when people of different nationalities work hand in hand. The info cards can be used to avoid misunderstandings and to ensure that what is said is understood correctly.

If the cards are used for instruction purposes, it is best to go to the place to which the instruction refers. This creates a direct connection and makes the instruction less abstract.

If the instruction takes place in a meeting room, you can go to the BAUZ website or download the info cards to your smartphone or tablet. On some issues of the BAUZ magazine they are also attached as a card in breast pocket format.

Get the BAUZ info cards: