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News in Brief 03_2023

DMT GROUP and MTL Consulting join forces to expand consultancy and engineering services to East Africa

DMT GROUP, a renowned global company and leading provider of engineering, consulting and technology solutions, has entered a strategic partnership with MTL Consulting Company Ltd., an East Africa-based consulting firm. This collaboration aims to combine MTL’s expertise and knowledge of the East African market with the flexibility and capability of DMT as internationally active, agile group of companies offering one-stop ...

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Tracking down mining with high-tech: “NACHBergbauzeit in NRW” symposium at the THGA

North Rhine-Westphalia is a post-mining state: intensive raw material mining has left its mark especially in the Ruhr region and the Rhenish mining area. “When mining goes, what remains are challenges such as ground movements, large opencast mining lakes, disused sites of industrial culture or the so-called eternity tasks. At the same time, however, there are also many opportunities to ...

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Strong decrease in energy consumption/savings target for natural gas achieved

Energy consumption in Germany reached a level of 11,769 PJ or 401.6 Mtce in 2022. This corresponds to a decrease of 5.4 % compared to the previous year. Energy consumption thus fell to its lowest level since reunification, writes Arbeitsgemeinschaft Energiebilanzen (AG Energie­bilanzen), Berlin/Germany, in its Annual Report 2022 (Figure 1). The development of energy consumption and the use of the ...

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Industry needs competitive energy prices

The announcements of the last few weeks clearly show how serious the situation is for energy-intensive industry in Germany: production at domestic sites in Europe is being reduced, investments in new plants are taking place in North America or in Asia. “If industrial electricity prices of 120 to 140 €/MWh become the “new normal”, creeping deindustrialisation is inevitable. The lack ...

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