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The german coal situation 2014

Issue 02/2015 The year 2014 was marked by a period of stagnation in the international coal market, the first in a number of years. In Germany there was a noticeable fall in coal consumption, mainly due to the decline in electricity production. Here the national energy transition is now making its impact felt and this has had a negative effect ...

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Developing high-efficiency, low-carbon, clean coal in china

Issue 02/2015 In the last few decades, China has dramatically expanded access to energy and, as a result, has achieved nearly universal electrification (Figure 1). Although this accomplishment is notable, China’s energy mix is facing several pressing issues with important domestic and global implications. China is coal-rich and, for this reason, continues to rely on coal for the majority of ...

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Climate-friendly use of coal in power plants and in energy-intensive industrial facilities with carbon capture including the CO2 disposal in the methanol path

Issue 02/2015 Every CO2 reduction strategy should commence with the increase in efficiency of existing power plants followed by investments in state-of-the-art technologies and most advanced plants. EURACOAL’s three step strategy therefore starts in a logical sequence with the replacement and modernisation of existing power plants. In a second step application of state-of-the-art technologies would increase the average efficiency to ...

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Contribution of Domestic Methanol Production by applying Carbon Capture Technologies and the Future Energy Mix in NRW, Germany and the EU with Regard to Security Aspects of Supply

Issue 2/2015 As an alternative to petroleum the methanol production via synthesis gas – based on natural gas or biomass – may be a viable solution. But special attention should get the „green methanol“. Relevant research is to be supported, how to really produce out of CO2, sunlight and water, an important chemistry source of energy and basic raw material. ...

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Constructing underground water barriers in areas subject to ground movement – a real engineering challenge

Issue 02/2015 Between 2011 and 2014 two new high-pressure water barriers were constructed at Ibbenbüren Mine, RAG Anthrazit Ibbenbüren GmbH, to provide a long-term seal capable of resisting the ground movements expected as a result of the planned extraction of the Beustfeld panel. Two water stoppings had already been erected at the end of the 1970s for the hydrological separation ...

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Drilling equipment for drifting and rockbolting – current developments and future trends from a manufacturer and user perspective

Issue 02_2015 Over the years underground drilling equipment for drifting and rockbolting were primarily developed with a view to increasing the penetration rate. The computer technology that gradually became available was subsequently employed for control and automation of the drilling systems. This ongoing development was not continuously pursued in more recent times until it became apparent that because of limitations ...

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