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Requirements Related to Renewable Energy Solutions for the Mining Sector

Renewable power options are fairly new to the mining sector and are now just at the beginning of the scaling stage. However, they have gained a lot of momentum in recent years and an increasing number of projects are being realized across the globe and in various climate zones. Nonetheless, the largest share of the overall potential is still untapped ...

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Technology, Processes and People: a Simple Recipe for the Successful Integration and Operation of Wind Turbines in Off-Grid Mining Operations

ENERCON GmbH, Aurich/Germany, is a privately-owned manufacturer, constructor and operator of high-performance wind turbines. The company is built on values such as innovation, quality and entrepreneurship; all of which help achieve the goal of providing renewable energy to the world – wherever the need for energy may be. With this vision in mind, ENERCON accepts the challenge of building windfarms ...

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The Cost Savings Potential of Solar Power and Battery Storage for Mining Companies, Taking the Example of the DeGrussa Solar-Diesel Hybrid Off-Grid Project in Australia

In many countries, the cost of solar power is already at about the same level as the cost of power from coal-fired power stations. Especially in comparison with existing diesel power stations, solar power has been able to develop its cost advantages to the full as a result of the continuous fall in system costs. As a decentralized source of ...

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Sun Instead of Diesel: The Largest PV Diesel Hybrid System in South Africa Supplies a Chrome Ore Mine

Electricity generated from photovoltaic (PV) systems can mean a great deal to mining industries who either have limited or no grid access at all. For companies that rely on a diesel power supply, a PV plant can reduce fuel consumption and thus operating expenditures dramatically. Grid connected facilities could also profit from an additional renewable power supply as it provides ...

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Current Examples of Renewable Energy Use in the Chilean Mining Industry

The mining sector represents the largest source of revenues and the most important sector of Chile´s economy. At the same time the Chilean mining sector is the largest of the country’s industrial energy consumers. The share of energy costs in the total operating costs of Chilean mining operations is between 20 and 40 % and therefore represents a significant factor influencing ...

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Coal 2016 – Still Dependable in a Changing World

This year’s Annual Report of the German Coal Association (GVSt), Herne/Germany, is entitled “Still dependable in a changing world”. This reflects not only the fact that all the industry’s agreements and commitments are being kept but also that reliability is the defining theme for the end of the coal mining industry in general and for the future tasks that will ...

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