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Fachartikel 05_2018

Studying Mining Engineering in Germany: General Conditions, Locations and Study Programmes

Mining education in Germany has undergone significant changes and development over the past decade. On the one hand, this is due to the changing framework conditions and requirements of industry, science and society. On the other hand, this process has been accelerated by the introduction of a European study reform, also known as the Sorbonne Declaration and Bologna Process. All ...

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Rethinking Mining Engineering Education – Implementation of Conceive – Design – Implement – Operate (CDIO™)

In the context of the fourth industrial revolution, mining is bound to undergo significant changes within the coming decades. Mining in the sense of Mining 4.0 will not only prioritise the efficient, sustainable and responsible use of available resources, but will also be characterised by digitalisation and automation. In order to adapt to those changes and challenges of the future ...

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Integration of Sustainability in Mining Engineering Education

Since sustainability is an integral part of mining, it is necessary to emphasise the topic in mining engineering education curricula. This article examines selected definitions of sustainability and assesses them with regards to their suitability for educating future mining engineers. Finally, approaches for the integration of sustainability principles and priorities are presented through selected examples. Mining Engineering comprises more than ...

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Innovative Learning Spaces

The increasing complexity of mining operations results in increasing requirements for the mining engineering education. The demand of broad skills sets in constantly equal sized programs is the reason to blend the addressed skills in teaching and learning activities. A promising approach represents the experiential learning in an authentic environment. The article introduces the challenges in mining engineering education as ...

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Underground Cut-off Grade Optimisation in Narrow Vein Deposits Based on an Innovative Mine Design Algorithm

Cut-off grades are crucial strategic parameters in maximising a mine’s net present value (NPV). As the state of the art underground cut-off grade optimisation approach is very time and resource consuming, this article presents a rapid innovative algorithm-based solution for the given problem. Based on a geological block model and given input parameters, the developed algorithmic approach automates the entire ...

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Intercultural Competencies as Success Factor for the Transfer of Technology and Know-how to Chile

The Chilean mining industry is developing continuously. New requirements regarding materials, environment and security issues imply the need for more sophisticated and efficient technologies. Instead of being fabricated in Chile, these technologies are usually imported from abroad. But how can foreign producers make their way to Chile? And how can they identify requirements that are necessary in order to improve ...

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