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Fachartikel 04_2021

The German Lignite Industry in 2020

Germany’s domestic lignite output decreased by 23.9 Mt, which equals 18.2 %, from 131.3 Mt to 107.4 Mt between 2019 and 2020. The lignite extracted in 2020 had a net calorific value of 33.4 Mtce. 93.1 Mt, or almost 87 %, of that output were used in utility power plants supplying the general public. This translates into a decrease of 19.1 % compared to ...

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Responsible Development: Matawinie Mining Project Model

Nouveau Monde Graphite (NMG), Saint-Michel-des-Saints, Québec/Canada, has put forward innovative design criteria related to its carbon-neutral vision, the reduction of its environmental footprint and the integration of reclamation to develop the Matawinie mining project, a world-class graphite deposit, which fits into its host environment. With graphite playing an important role in the electrification of transportation thanks to lithium-ion batteries, NMG ...

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Applications of Industrial Computed Tomography in the Mining Sector

Industrial computed tomography (CT) is a non-destructive X-ray computerized method for studying the three-dimensional (3D) distribution and microtexture of phases within individual solid samples. For geological and mineral product samples, CT allows visualization of phases with significant density contrast as well as the recognition of gas and fluid inclusions. Also, the technique precisely defines the in-situ location of minerals of ...

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Numerical Simulation of Shaft Sinking Using the Artificial Freezing Method

A potash mine in Kaliningrad, Russia is to be developed. Two shafts are planned to be sunk to extract the potash deposits in approximately 1,100 m depth and for general mine operation. Demanding lithological layers, namely alternating clays and floating sands combined with high pressure aquifers in large depths pose challenging circumstances for the sinking of the shafts. To overcome ...

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How Long Can Mining Operations Still Afford not to Automate? – An Assessment

Mining, like other branches of industry, has experienced the fourth industrial revolution in recent years. The transformation process from mechanized to automated raw material extraction has begun worldwide. Despite major initial challenges, some early adopters are already benefiting from the great potential of digitization and automation in mining and are one step ahead of their competition. Companies that do not ...

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Positions and Demands of the German Extractive Industry for the 2021 National Election in Germany

Raw material extraction in Germany is in need of support to ensure a secure, responsible and sustainable supply of raw materials. The entire range of raw materials must be considered. The coronavirus pandemic has clearly revealed just how important it is to have a secure supply of products from within our own country. Germany is independent of imports, above all ...

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