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Fachartikel 02_2022

Hard Coal 2021

Events during the year 2021 illustrate very clearly that supply security is and will remain one of the most important topics of the energy transition. The penultimate act in the nuclear power exit in Germany, the shutdown of 4 GW of power plant capacity, points to the importance of the remaining base of controllable, secure capacity. Securing power supply during ...

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Raw Materials, Future, Environmental Issues

The US investment bank Goldman Sachs and companies such as Bloomberg are optimistic about the further development of the global economy despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. According to the annual outlook presented on 12th January 2021 during the “Global Strategy Conference”, Goldman Sachs expects global economic output in the current fiscal year to increase by 6.5 %. The forecast for economic ...

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Cutter Mining – A Sustainable Technology for Mining Small Vertical Ore Bodies and Veins

Economic and at the same time environmentally acceptable mining of small vertical ore bodies and veins to great depths has always been a challenge for miners. The Bauer cutter system, widely used in civil engineering, has been further developed for applications in exploration and mining, to a sustainable system for selective mining with a focus on small vertical ore bodies ...

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Earnings Opportunities in Mining from CO2 Storage

The following article explains how the CO2 levy is administrated in Germany and how the billions of euros that are accruing can also be used to improve the economic viability of mining projects at home and abroad. These opportunities are explained using example cases from mining practice. How much revenue does the federal government generate from the CO2 levy? The sale of ...

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advangeo® Software and its Application in the Mining Sector

The availability of geo-spatial data and the presence of promising exploration targets are of key importance for mining sector investment decisions. Together with the legal, political and economic framework, they determine the success of national economies in mining sector development. In this environment, Beak Consultants GmbH, Freiberg/Germany, developed its advangeo® software products to capture, store, process, utilize and distribute any ...

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Smart Technology for Smart Mining – Opportunities for the German Mining Supply Industry

So many texts, including “smart” ones, have been and continue to be published about technology and mining that one is tempted to say that everything has already been said. But the many different contexts in which the term “smart” appears call for closer consideration: What it is understood to mean, how the various players deal with it and what goal ...

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