Fig. 1. // Bild 1. Tsurumi Connect-Box. Photo/Foto: Tsurumi

Connect box for waste water

“Smart” controlled and monitored wastewater pumps and aerators offer many advantages. At IFAT 2020, The Tsurumi Europe GmbH, Düsseldorf/Germany, will show how easy retrofitting is. Featuring a clever function against blockage.

To make existing equipment fit for the future, all you need is the new Tsurumi Connect-Box (Figure 1). It is connected by means of a motor protection plug or a switch cabinet. Really good: Even wastewater pumps, submersible aerators and equipment from other manufacturers can be connected.

The TC-Box connects to the Internet via LAN, Wifi or mobile phone. Users can monitor their system around the clock, control it individually, activate a program, query its location, receive fault and alarm messages, call up consumption statistics and much more. Very simply via PC, tablet or phone. Everything is synchronized and secured via the “cloud”.

The possibilities of the “intelligent” systems are endless, especially since various sensors can be connected. If, e. g., a frequency converter is coupled, the pump can always run at its optimum operating point. And if it does not run at all due to blockage, the TC-Box detects this and starts a routine for “unblocking”. In other words, a programmed return sequence to automatically cancel the malfunction, which works perfectly in many cases. The bottom line is that there are a lot of advantages for the user, especially on the cost side.

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