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DMT takes over the majority in the PfB Test Centre for Components

DMT GmbH & Co. KG, a TÜV NORD GROUP company based in Essen/Germany, has acquired a 51 % stake in Prüfzentrum für Bauelemente GmbH & Co. KG (PfB), based in Stephans­kirchen near Rosenheim/Germany. The transaction took place on 1st December 2022. With the participation both companies deepen their cooperation of many years in the testing and certification of construction elements. In the alliance, the respective customers are now offered a comprehensive service from a single source.

The current shareholders of PfB, Rüdiger Müller and Matthias Demmel, will remain involved in the company in the future. Demmel will continue to head the company as managing director. In addition, Daniel Rüdiger Müller, the son of the company’s founder, will join the management team as an authorised signatory. In addition, Demmel will be supported in future by Christoph Sinder, who heads DMT’s Plant & Product Safety business unit. From a technical and organisational point of view, PfB is linked to DMT’s Fire Testing business segment, which is headed by Stefanie Steinmeier.

Stefanie Steinmeier says: “By participating in PfB, we at DMT are significantly strengthening our position in the market for testing and certification of construction elements. Together with other services from the TÜV NORD GROUP, customers from the construction elements sector are offered a strong partner. In this respect, the participation is a logical step.”

PfB Managing Director Matthias Demmel adds: “The decisive factor for the transaction is the synergy effects that can be achieved. By integrating our services, we will be able to offer our customers an even larger testing portfolio in the future while maintaining our independence as a testing and certification body.” Company founder Rüdiger Müller adds: “For us, it is important that test processing is carried out flexibly in line with the needs of our customers and in intensive exchange with them. We share this aspiration with DMT and the entire TÜV NORD GROUP and are therefore expanding our cooperation even further.”

PfB has more than 40 years of experience in numerous areas of testing such as climate, air/water/wind, permanent function and smoke protection as well as various special tests on building elements such as doors, gates, windows, fittings and facades and is recognised as an accredited and notified testing and certification body. PfB has all European and national accreditations, highly qualified employees and a long-standing customer base. Together with the testing of fire, smoke and permanent functions on doors and gates by the DMT Testing Centre for Fire Technical Testing in Lathen and Dortmund, customers will receive a comprehensive service in the future. (DMT/Si.)