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Fig. 1. Ralf Schiele remains COO of STEAG GmbH. Photo: STEAG

STEAG ensures continuity at the top

At its meeting on 25th January 2023, the Supervisory Board of STEAG GmbH, Essen/Germany, appointed Ralf Schiele (Figure 1) as a member of the Management Board of STEAG GmbH for a further three years. Schiele has been a member of the STEAG management since October 2020 and is responsible for the Market and Technology division. His appointment as Chief Operating Officer (COO) now runs until the end of September 2026. Schiele has worked for the STEAG Group for 20 years. Andreas Reichel, who is Chairman of the Management Board of STEAG GmbH and HR Director, had already been reappointed in 2022 with effect until the end of July 2026.

STEAG GmbH has been acting as the holding company of the STEAG Group since the beginning of 2023. STEAG has grouped the green growth businesses of the Essen-based energy company together in the new Iqony GmbH, which was launched on 1st January 2023. In the new setup, STEAG’s traditional coal business operates under the umbrella of STEAG Power GmbH. The three STEAG directors Reichel, Schiele and Ralf Schmitz are also directors of the subsidiaries Iqony GmbH and STEAG Power GmbH. (STEAG/Si.)