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ScrapeTec solutions for dust emissions in cement production. Photo: ScrapeTec

Efficient Installations and Impressive Results: Scrapetec’s Partnership in Peru

ISC Ingeniería del Sur SAC, the partner company of Scrapetec in Peru, achieved an impressive feat. Within 24 hours, they installed 108 meters of AirScrape and 2 DustScrape systems. The next day, they continued their pace and added an additional 56 meters of AirScrape and 3 DustScrape systems in just 16 hours. The results were remarkable, with effective dust control and spillage prevention at the material transfer points. These fast and efficient installations delighted the customer and showcased the excellence of that partnership in the industry.

The results were nothing short of extraordinary. The AirScrape and DustScrape systems immediately proved their worth, effectively containing dust and eliminating spillage at the customer’s material transfer points. The improved working environment brought about increased productivity and enhanced safety for the employees.

In conclusion, the story of Scrapetec’s partnership in Peru showcases the power of teamwork, expertise, and efficiency. With their AirScrape and DustScrape systems, Scrapetec is transforming material transfer operations, one installation at a time, and leaving a lasting impact on the industry.

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