Fig. 1. With production lines and partners all over the world, GHH has become a major player in the industry. // Bild 1. Mit Werken und Partnern in vielen Teilen der Welt ist GHH zu einem der führenden Anbieter der Branche aufgestiegen. Photo/Foto: GHH

GHH “solid as a rock”

Three manufacturers are currently repositioning themselves, rebranding and building up the GHH Group, Gelsenkirchen/Germany: One of the largest suppliers of machines for mining, tunnelling and special civil engineering (Figure 1).

Fig. 2. The new brand logo of the GHH group. // Bild 2. Das neue Logo der GHH Gruppe. Source/Quelle: GHH

This step is illustrated by a common logo consisting only of the letters GHH and a corresponding corporate design, which is gradually being introduced (Figure 2). The rebranding includes new clear product colouring providing for maximum visibility in underground mining and tunnelling operations. The slogan “Solid as a rock” underlines the company’s claim to offer high-performance, Rock Solid equipment for mines and construction sites all over the world.

From now on, the GHH Group brand will be backed by GHH Fahrzeuge GmbH (Germany), GHH Mining Machines (South Africa) and Mine Master (Poland), including various partner companies. They have long been part of the Schmidt Kranz Group, a privately owned German based company, which owns other key companies in the industry, including Hazemag, a manufacturer of large machinery processing plants and MTS Perforator with drill steels and tunnel boring machines.

In fact, GHH can be regarded as a rock in the industry because its roots go back to 1758, and it has a well-established strong foundation built over years of design and development experience in the mining and tunnelling industries.

At its peak as a mechanical engineering conglomerate, GHH had almost 100,000 employees. Industrial giants such as MAN, Roland and MTU once belonged to it. In 1995, GHH Fahrzeuge GmbH split off as a specialist for underground equipment. Within 25 years, the manufacturer had advanced to become a major player in the world market.

GHH, in Germany, exports its load haul dumpers, dump trucks and scalers around the globe. In addition to drill rigs, bolters and long hole production drill rigs from Mine Master in Poland and low profile and narrow vein loaders from GHH Mining Machines in South Africa. GHH has various partners, in geographical locations, that have ranges of products that all add to the “total solution provider” approach.

Through deep cooperation with partner companies in various geographical locations like UVB from Botswana, Mine Machines from Zimbabwe, Overprime from Peru, Titan from Turkey, Tembo from Netherlands and MacLean from Canada, GHH Group has added a significant number of products to their portfolio including low profile utility vehicles, and narrow vein loaders, spray concrete units, utility vehicles, passenger transporters, light cranes, scissor lifts, mini dumpers, lifting platforms and ANFO loading trucks as well as light duty full electric vehicles, and MacLeans standard and battery equipment, which adds to the already eco-friendly Stage V offering. GHH supplies almost everything that is needed especially for underground mining carried out “on wheels”.

The course has long been set for the future. Productivity, environmental protection and personal safety should continue to be the three fundamental characteristics of every machine. Real values that should bring real benefits. (GHH/Si.)