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Innovative conveyor belt monitoring with belt damage detection

Sustainability through innovation – this motto drives our team at Schulte Strathaus every day. We dare to go one decisive step further to develop products that provide sustainable solutions and add real value.

STARCLEAN® is now a must in conveyor technology, because ever more problem solvers and innovations are being developed. There’s good reason why customers are enthusiastic and value the scraper and its tool-free maintenance.

Now there’s a product innovation that takes spillage control to a whole new level:

STARCLEAN® Smart Scraper S3 is a unique new intelligent scraper that combines with our proven electric drive and smart modules to detect conveyor belt damage early and allow preventive repair of segments. This saves material resources and ensures the belt system’s performance.


This modern technology is based on advanced, touch-based scanning that allows analysis of the movement and surface structure of the belt to detect possible damage. It allows reaction before the production process is seriously impaired.

The following damage is easily detected: cover plate damage, connection damage, punctures, repair damage and belt slits (partially). The scrapers can be folded in and out using an electric linear drive.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Continuous inspection
  • Damage limitation
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Improved operating reliability
  • Prevention of unplanned conveyor downtime
  • Transparent data assessment

This is made possible by the perfect interplay of our existing and new modules. The advantage of our system is installation of conveyor belt monitoring on any conveyor in the bulk goods sector with relatively little cost and effort.

The modules

  • Scraper Intelligence Module (SIM)
  • Motorization set with S3 sensor system
  • Measuring roller with sensor system
  • Scrapers

One highlight of our innovation is the newly developed STARCLEAN® Cloud, with a user-friendly dashboard. This is where all the assembled data appear, such as km per operating hour, condition of the scrapers, and a wear display. In addition to monitoring, the Cloud provides intervention in the system components.

The Scraper Intelligence Module (SIM) is the heart of our STARCLEAN® Smart Scraper, automatically controls the components, and passes the captured data to the Cloud. This allows monitoring of the whole process.

The S3 sensor system recognizes belt properties thanks to scrapers lying directly on the conveyor belt and detects all damage events. It is possible at any time to see an update of the belt profile, observe the damage/profile, and individually set the damage level.

The measuring roller detects conveyor direction, position, belt length and speed. This also ensures precise localization of the damage.

Detection of movement direction is especially important with reversible belts, because the scrapers can be folded in or out automatically using our motorization set.

All data become visible in our Cloud, in which the customer can monitor the system and step in as soon as an issue occurs. This means that, depending on the damage level, STARCLEAN® S3 can take action independently or even initiate an emergency stop of the belt system. The customer can specify the function.

What the cloud can do:

  • Continuous conveyor belt monitoring
  • Damage classification
  • Definition of internal damage level
  • Action if belt is damaged

(swing away scraper, send messages, alarm – you determine the function)

  • Detection of belt damage position
  • Graphic representation of belt properties
  • Detailed technical evaluation
  • Condition of conveyor belt (operating hours, mileage, etc.)

So far, we can proudly claim that our new STARCLEAN® Smart Scraper has worked without a hitch. It was tested before market introduction in countless deployments under realistic conditions. Meanwhile, the digital scraper is a must for many customers!

You see a vivid overview of its functions in our 3D animation, which you can find at www.starclean-solutions.de.

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