Fig. 1. One special feature of the PTEZ is that the belt guide pulley is polyurethane-coated as standard. This increases the pulley’s service life and gives it more grip in wet conditions. // Bild 1. Das Besondere am PTEZ: Die Rolle für die Bandführung ist schon im Standard mit Polyurethan beschichtet. Das erhöht die Lebensdauer und macht sie bei Feuchtigkeit griffiger. Photo/Foto: Flexco

Keeping it simple!

The SIM 2018 trade fair will take place from 17th to 19th October 2018 in Clermont-Ferrand/France – and in Booth F40, Flexco Europe GmbH, Rosenfeld/Germany, will be presenting future-oriented solutions that will make life much easier for conveyor system operators, because now material carryback, belt misalignment, material loss and belt slippage can be avoided from the outset. Among other products, the specialist company will be showing the PTEZ belt centering station, which detects belt misalignment and re-aligns it correctly. This prevents material losses – and Flexco now also offers this solution in an economical version with a rubber-coated surface.

The new PTEZ belt centering station is suitable for light to medium-duty applications and for reversible belts with widths of up to 1,200 mm. Conveyor system operators can also use the station for belts with worn or damaged edges. The station is very quick and easy to install thanks to the simple design of its brackets and components. One special feature of the PTEZ is the roller, which is polyurethane-coated as standard (Figure 1). A newcomer to Flexco´s product range is an economical version with rubber instead of polyurethane.

Visitors to the Flexco booth will also see the FLEXCO XP series of mechanical belt fasteners (Figure 2). These belt fasteners were specially developed for use in mining and underground operations. They are suitable for conveyor belts made of woven PVG/PVC up to a strength of 1,750 N/mm. Users can apply the fasteners manually or with a hydraulic press, without damaging the fibers. The flat design of the belt fasteners improves the approach for cleaning systems and reduces contact with skirt elements and return rollers. This means that the system wears more slowly, and the joints hold for considerably longer than those of comparative competitor systems.

Fig. 2. The mechanical belt fasteners of the FLEXCO XP series have been specially developed for use in mining and underground operations. // Bild 2. Die mechanischen Verbinder der Baureihe FLEXCO XP wurden speziell für den Einsatz im Bergbau unter Tage entwickelt. Photo/Foto: Flexco

Flexco offers various skirt systems to avoid loss of material in conveyor belt transfer areas in coal mines, steel mills and wood processing facilities. Skirt clamps combined with skirt rubbers effectively isolate the material on the belt without damaging the belt cover, enabling operators to easily reduce dust levels and increase material throughput at the same time. Flexco also supplies skirt clamps for a wide range of load levels. The Flex-Lok series clamps (Figure 3) are very easily installed, e.g., and Flexco customizes them for various conveyor systems, even for large and heavy material transfer tasks.

Fig. 3. Flexco supplies Flex-Lok skirt clamps for a wide range of load levels. They can be easily installed by one person. // Bild 3. Flexco liefert die Seitenabdichtungsklemmen vom Typ Flex-Lok für unterschiedlich starke Beanspruchungen. Sie lassen sich von einer Person einfach montieren. Photo/Foto: Flexco

When a conveyor belt is stopped for maintenance, its own weight can create problems due to the uneven distribution of tension. To ensure that a belt can be safely cut and securely spliced by service technicians, the tension in the area under repair should be spread over the whole belt width – and this is exactly why Flexco has developed the TUG HD belt clamp. Suitable for a wide range of belt materials and types, it meets the high safety standards of the industry. TUG HD belt clamps are used to restrain or pull a conveyor belt and hold it firmly in place.

Flexco will also be showing the advanced EZP1T precleaner system at the trade fair. The “T” here stands for torsion spring. The complete component requires less space than the tension spring, which is installed in the standard version. The features of the EZP1T include easy installation and fast, trouble-free maintenance – and it combines the advantages of thorough cleaning with stainless steel. Conveyor system operators can choose from four different PU sheet versions, including designs for high and extremely high temperatures and a chemical-resistant version produced according to FDA regulations.

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