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Fig. 1. In order to be able to convey fuels to the rotary kilns, BEUMER Group supplies efficient solutions such as the Pipe Conveyor. Photo: BEUMER

Biggest order in this business segment

In production, Märker Zement GmbH relies on alternative fuels (AFR). The manufacturer has therefore commissioned BEUMER Group with the supply of a single-source solution that is able to convey and store different materials efficiently (Figure 1). For the system provider, this is the largest order in this business segment to date.

With years of experience and tailor-made systems, BEUMER Group is able to supply and install the whole chain for a specific customer. The process spans from the reception and unloading of the trucks, up to the storing, conveying and feeding process of solid alternative fuels. Märker Zement GmbH is now also relying on this at its headquarters in Harburg in the Bavarian district of Donau-Ries.

As part of the project, BEUMER Group will build an intermediate storage and install a Pipe Conveyor connecting it to the new warehouse built by the customer. Furthermore, there is a connection to the new preheater and to the existing warehouse for the main burner. A fully automatic overhead crane, the buffer bins and magnetic separators, the screen and the feeding station for the Pipe Conveyor are distributed in and around the warehouse. The key component of the whole system is a 700-metre-long Pipe Conveyor.

The intermediate storage is provided with silos, distribution equipment and a screen. In addition, there is a screw weigh feeder of the BG OptiFeed construction series, which feeds the bulk material in a controlled manner to the pneumatic transport system leading to the preheater. The mechanical transport system to the preheater is composed of a belt conveyor and a bucket elevator. An additional Pipe Conveyor connects the intermediate storage and the warehouse to the main burner. Moreover, the order comprises a supporting line next to the intermediate storage, which can be used to quickly unload trucks into silos if required. This line is composed of the unloading station BG OptiBulk, a screw conveyor and a further bucket elevator. BEUMER Group has provided every important transfer station with dedusting filters.

The line will handle two different qualities of residue-derived fuel (RDF), which differ in their material grain size and calorific value, as well as shredded tyres, so-called “tyre-derived fuel” (TDF). It will be operated at a maximum capacity of 40 tonnes per hour. BEUMER Group will be responsible for the complete mechanical and electrical installation as well as commissioning for this project. The whole system is scheduled to go into operation at the beginning of 2022.

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