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Industry News 01_2016

When joints must not come apart

FLEXCO mechanical connectors: Rivet Hinged System achieves high tensile strength and distributes loads uniformly over the conveyor belt. With the Rivet Hinged mechanical connectors for use in surface and underground mining, rivets penetrate the fabric inlays in the conveyor belt without damaging the fibres. They are fitted from the top of the belt. They ensure high tensile strength and distribute ...

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Houghton-Fluid HYDROCOR CV 50 DF – operating the shield support at the German Mining Museum Bochum

The German Mining Museum (Deutsches Bergbau-Museum Bochum – DBM) is the most important mining museum in the world and one of the most visited museums in Germany, with around 365,700 visitors per year. In the underground visitors’ mine, the world of coal mining is described in detail and amongst other exhibits a complete shearer face with hydraulic shields is installed. ...

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BEUMER is celebrating an anniversary – 80 years of customised and efficient customer solutions

With innovative system solutions for intra-logistics in conveying and loading technology, palletising and packaging technology as well as sortation and distribution systems, BEUMER has established an excellent position in the world market. These solutions are applied in various industries such as cement, lime and gypsum, agriculture and mining, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, energy, food and beverage and also in airports and logistics ...

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Fibre ropes in mining – wishful thinking or reality?

While fibre ropes have been used as far back as ancient Egyptian times, it was not until the industrialisation of the 19th century that steel ropes first became key to a wide variety of applications. Thanks to its array of important properties such as high stability and breaking force, abrasion and heat resistance, as well as a long service life, ...

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