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News in Brief Issue 05_2018

Decrease in energy consumption until the middle of the year

Energy consumption in Germany reached 6,771 PJ or 230.9 mt ce by the middle of 2018 (Figure 1), constituting a solid 1 % decrease on the previous year. Following the first three months, growth amounted to more than 5 % on account of the cool weather conditions in February and March. According to preliminary calculations by the German Working Group on Energy ...

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Lignite power stations demonstrate their reliability

“Without the solid contribution made by lignite during this year’s particularly long heat wave and drought, the electricity supply in Germany would have been under serious threat”, explains Helmar Rendez, Chairman of the Board of the German Lignite Industry Association (DEBRIV) in Bergheim, in his provisional appraisal of the energy supply during the summer weather conditions. On account of the ...

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Sensors for automation in mining

The Institute for Advanced Mining Technologies (AMT) of the RWTH Aachen University is taking over the presidency of the European Rock Extraction Research Group. Abbreviated to EUREG, the group is a network of the RWTH Aachen University, the Freiberg University of Mining and Technology, the Clausthal University of Technology and the Montanuniversität Leoben. Its objective is to intensify research in ...

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Geothermal energy and the search for nuclear repository sites in accordance with the German Repository Site Selection Act

Under the title of “Geothermal energy and the search for nuclear repository sites in accordance with the German Repository Site Selection Act”, the 19th Aachen Site Contamination and Mining Subsidence Engineering Colloquium (ABK) was held on 10th July 2018 in the TEMA Pyramid in Aachen/Germany (Figure 1). The conference was organised by the Institute for Mining Surveying, Mining Subsidence Engineering ...

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Digitalisation finds its way into Chilean mining

Chile, the world’s leading producer of copper, is faced with declining productivity, environmental protection concerns and strikes. New technologies are helping the mining sector to become more competitive by lowering costs and increasing safety. Digitalisation is only now making its way slowly into the industry. Some German companies are working on the development and introduction of new innovations. Driverless trucks, ...

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Book tip: “The German Energy Market”

The book “Energiemarkt Deutschland” (“The German Energy Market”) – author Hans-Wilhelm Schiffer – provides an up-to-date overview of the structure and development of the German energy market. The focus is on demand and supply structures in the markets for oil, lignite, hard coal and electricity. Renewable energies are covered by a comprehensive chapter separately. Other focal points are the determinants ...

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