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News in Brief 04_2021

Ulrich Wessel becomes the new Managing Director at DMT Lehre und Bildung

Ulrich Wessel (Figure 1) will become Managing Director of DMT-Gesellschaft für Lehre und Bildung mbH (DMT-LB) in Bochum/Germany, as we make the transition from 2021 to 2022. The German Industrial Union for Mining, Chemicals and Energy (IG BCE), chaired by Michael Vassiliadis, named him Director of Labour Relations in the executive committee in agreement with the company’s Advisory Council. As ...

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STEAG applies for further power plant unit closures

The management of energy company STEAG GmbH, Essen/Germany, resolved on 4th May 2021 to register further power plant units for provisional closure. A similar application had already been made in early April for the Model Power Plant (MKV) in Völklingen-Fenne in the Saarland. This is now followed by applications for the Völklingen-Fenne combined heat and power plant (HKV) and the ...

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Using data from 150 years of coal mining for the tasks of the future

Search engines like Google and others show the way: Enter keywords or a short question and the result you are looking for is there. The KISS42 project promises the answer to all operational questions for RAG Aktiengesellschaft, Essen/Germany. In cooperation with an interdisciplinary RAG team, the start-up ambeRoad Tech GmbH from Aachen developed the intelligent search engine amberSearch – designed ...

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Voith Hydro and Swedish Mine Storage enter development partnership for the advancement of decarbonization

Voith Hydro,Heidenheim/Germany, a leading global supplier of hydropower and pumped storage equipment, and Swedish company Mine Storage, a specialist in the field of underground pumped storage concepts, announce a development partnership to become the forerunners in a new market for underground pumped storage – offering so-called mine storages (Figure 1). The Paris Climate Agreement has made clear that to prevent ...

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