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Fig. 1. Information platform CONVERSYS APPLICATION. // Bild 1. Informationsplattform CONVERSYS APPLICATION. Source/Quelle: Kulassek Mining Consulting

Information platform CONVERSYS APPLICATION

Kulassek Mining Consulting developed a new information platform suitable for suppliers of underground mining equipment (Figure 1). Doing so provides suppliers who are active in underground mining, selective and efficient access to the world wide mining business.

A database was and is built continuously containing detailed general, personal, spatial, technical and geological information of the world wide underground mines.

The system is based on the planning and calculation procedure “CONVERSYS” which was developed in-house in the years 2003/2004. In former times the program licenses were sold to the mining companies, since mid of 2015 it can be used by planning and support engineers in terms of “application” free of charge.

Thereby a numerous worldwide access by planning and support engineers is originated to the versatile functions of the program as well as a big data and information exchange.

The supplier of underground mining equipment obtains a fast and competent contact to the mining companies. The mining companies receive a fast and extensive support in the improvement of the operation, respectively solutions for their problems.

Customers of the information platform receive a periodic report itemized by countries and mining companies. In addition they receive a contact list and an aggregated capability analysis. Important changes or news will be communicated to the customer rapidly by information email.

The user interface of the CONVERSYS Website allows the implementation of company-specific calculation tools by request. Linking of web-banners connecting to the homepage of customers could be established as well.

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