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Fig. 1. Philippe Rosenfelder, Sales Manager at Flexco Europe GmbH, at the awards ceremony. // Bild 1. Philippe Rosenfelder, Verkaufsleiter bei der Flexco Europe GmbH, bei der Preisverleihung. Photo/Foto: Flexco

Innovation that stands out

The manual assembly press for the belt fasteners in the XP series has been awarded the European Product Design Award (Figure 1). Flexco won over the jury in the Professional Industrial Machines category. The European Product Design Award (ED Award) is awarded every year to European designers for excellent work on product design.

Flexco GmbH, Rosenfeld/Germany, impressed in the Professional Industrial Machines category with its manual press for assembling XP belt fasteners. The company developed the solution together with Choi Design from Chicago/USA. The press enables service staff to attach the fasteners extremely securely. It is comfortable to use and has a particularly ergonomic design. The robust carry handle is made from reinforced plastic. The lever features a handle made from soft material for improved grip and its shape enables greater leverage, which makes work considerably more comfortable for the user.

With their flat design and a tensile strength of 3500 kN/m, the XP fasteners help prevent unplanned downtimes on conveyor belt systems, when, e. g., used in underground mining. Service staff can assemble the fasteners quickly and easily.

The ED Award is a shared initiative of design magazines from throughout Europe and the ED Awards Catalogue give the winners a platform for presenting their winning products. The jury is made up of journalists and design critics. The prestigious awards are divided into 35 categories, including packaging, exhibition design and digital design.

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