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ISSUE 05/2020 The Mobile Winder SBN FH-55 and the Development of the SBN FH Series Top priority of occupational safety is precautionary measures and the avoidance of accidents. But fast, innovative and, above all, well-prepared rescue measures are just as essential in mine rescue. The rescue concept for each shaft provides an auxiliary hoisting for men rescue in case of ...

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Glückauf! 04/2020

ISSUE 04/2020 To the Acceptance of Mining In our society there is a lack of acceptance for domestic mining. From the former glorification of technical skills, today an environmental hype has developed which condemns any intervention in nature, regardless of whether it is necessary or not. Measures for mining, for the environment and for the preservation or creation of good ...

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Working Group on Energy Balances publishes report on energy consumption in 2019

Energy consumption in Germany fell to 12,832 PJ or 437.8 Mtce in 2019, 2.1 % below the level of the previous year (Figure 1). As the Working Group on Energy Balances, Berlin/Germany, states in its 2019 Annual Report, this reduction in consumption was due to additional improvements in energy efficiency, energy mix shifts and a decline in energy consumption in industry ...

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Glückauf! 3/2020

ISSUE 03/2020 Smart Mining – Today and Tomorrow Digital technologies offer the potential to deliver significant improvements by improving the quality and availability of data and informations, which in turn can be the key to significant productivity gains. In addition, meaningful digital technologies can help to reduce the environmental impact. It is therefore assumed that digital technologies have the potential ...

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Glückauf! 2/2020

ISSUE 02/2020 Long-Term Management of Mine Water Operations in the German Coalfields – an Interim Evaluation of the Findings Based on Operating Plans and Hydrological Permits The cessation of coal mining in North Rhine-Westphalia on 31st December 2018 marked the start of a period of long-term aftercare measures. The end of coal winning also meant that the original purpose of ...

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Glückauf! 1/2020

ISSUE 01/2020 A 4.0D Leadership Model for Mining and Related Industries in the Context of the 4th Industrial Revolution The mining industry of the 21st century needs a new kind of leader as certain leadership styles currently employed in South Africa are not sustainable. This paper explores the historical leadership styles that are now outdated (with specific reference to the ...

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