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ISSUE 01/2020 A 4.0D Leadership Model for Mining and Related Industries in the Context of the 4th Industrial Revolution The mining industry of the 21st century needs a new kind of leader as certain leadership styles currently employed in South Africa are not sustainable. This paper explores the historical leadership styles that are now outdated (with specific reference to the ...

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On 1st March 2020, Julia Kranenberg will take over responsibility for the personnel board division at Avacon AG in Helmstedt/Germany. She will replace Frank Aigner once he goes into retirement. As the head of the personnel development division and top executive management, Julia Kranenberg is currently responsible for group-wide employee and managerial development at innogy SE as well as HR ...

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Glückauf! 6/2019

ISSUE 06/2019 Modern Mining Engineering Education Transforming Towards the Digital Era During the last decades, a transformation in various fields influencing education can be observed: Learning habits change, e. g., due to substantial changes in the channels and media used to acquire information. Teaching alternatives become broader and digital and follow these changes. Graduated profiles need to address 21st century skills ...

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Glückauf! 5/2019

ISSUE 05/2019 Comparative Survey of International Repository Projects In 2011 the Federal Republic of Germany decided that it would completely phase out nuclear power by the end of 2022. However, nuclear energy continues to be developed at international level and this means the ongoing generation of radioactive waste. While many different disposal and storage solutions have been implemented around the ...

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Glückauf! 4/2019

ISSUE 04/2019 What is High Performance Mining? A Discussion Fluctuating commodity prices, high upfront investment costs, long development periods, the high variability due to the uniqueness of each deposit, and the imperfection and uncertainty of information about mineral reserves even after mining commences, have always been challenges for the mining industry. However, in addition to those inherent challenges, today’s new ...

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Glückauf! 3/2019

ISSUE 03/2019 Mine Water in the Ruhr Area – Opportunities for the Future With the end of German hard coal mining in 2018 the dewatering of the mine working is, from a technical point of view, not necessary any more. Therefore new options arise to redesign the mine water management in the post-mining future. The mine water conception of RAG ...

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