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ISSUE 01/2024 // FOCUS OF THIS ISSUE: Innovations in Mining Applications of Geophysical Measuring Methods for the Exploration and Securing of Old Mine Workings Near the Surface Using the Example of the Former Lignite Mine Robertshall During the expansion of the Ehestorfer Heuweg road in the village of Ehestorf, district of Rosengarten/Germany, a daybreak occurred on 11th September 2019, which had a ...

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Glückauf! 6/2023

ISSUE 06/2023 // FOCUS OF THIS ISSUE: Circular Economy Mining Law and Water Management Challenges as a Result of the Coal Phase-Out In the Rhenish mining area, RWE Power AG operates the three opencast lignite mines Inden, Hambach and Garzweiler. According to the original plans before 2016, the Hambach and Garzweiler opencast mines were scheduled to run until 2045, the Inden ...

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Glückauf! 5/2023

ISSUE 05/2023 // FOCUS OF THIS ISSUE: Methane Emissions Wind Power for the Transition at Coal Sites – Prospects and Problems Wind power is one of the politically prioritised options for the energy transition to climate neutrality at coal sites, although the use of “Carbon Capture and Storage” (CCS) technology during coal-burning operations is also a possible method for the ...

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Glückauf! 4/2023

ISSUE 04/2023 // FOCUS OF THIS ISSUE: Technical Solutions in Mining Mine Water Monitoring in Closed Mines at RAG Aktiengesellschaft The shutdown of hard coal production in 2018 implicates a challenge in deriving of physical and chemical parameters of mine water in situ. Finishing underground activities is going along with a limitation of alternative application of monitoring methods. This report ...

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Glückauf! 3/2023

ISSUE 03/2023 // FOCUS OF THIS ISSUE: New German Mining Projects for the Supply Security for Critical Raw Materials Abandoned Mine Workings in Western USA – Legal, Organisational and Technical Challenges There is an old saying that “mining is not a one-man operation”. This is borne out by the ongoing dialogue that is needed across the disciplines to manage the ...

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