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Fig. 1. Pump station on platform. // Bild 1. Pumpenstation auf Plattform. Photo/Foto: KAMAT

KAMAT hydraulic stations with a high level of reliability for hydraulic shield extension and machine driving in mining

For the extraction of raw materials such as coal, pits are sunk with ever increasing depth. With increasing depth, however, difficulties increase not least due to the higher temperatures and the mining loads to be supported. With the aid of modern technology, such challenges can be mastered today. In particular by means of hydraulics, which are used in mining for the shields with protection of the hollow space in the face construction. The development and manufacture of these hydraulic systems with plunger pumps are a main focus of -KAMAT GmbH & Co. KG, Witten/Germany, as a worldwide, market-leading manufacturer of hydraulic stations in coal mines. KAMAT hydraulic stations for employment underground are distributed throughout the globe, and are successfully in employment, in particular in high-performance faces in the USA, Australia, Russia and China.

KAMAT offers a wide spectrum of performance classes of plunger pumps, so that the exactly matching pump can be found for every project. In mining water hydraulics is used, where an emulsion with a low additive percent in the water is employed as lubrication for the hydraulic cylinders. Since the KAMAT plunger pumps are designed for the pumping of pure water, the lubrication through the pumped emulsions offers a considerable service life advantage.

Long-standing experience in mining is also indicated in the design of the KAMAT products: The plunger pumps are extremely rugged and simple to repair, if required. This has in particular something to do with the KAMAT modular component system, with which relevant pump parts of different construction series are identical and are thus simple to replace. This means simplification and flexibility in maintenance and repair.

KAMAT high-pressure pump are likewise used in central hydraulic stations which supply complete mines, as well as stations in proximity to the face. The stations can be on rails, on chains, on wheels or suspended in the assembled monorail car (Figure 1). For reasons of space, the pumps are arranged in-part vertically.

The pumps typically employed in mining are provided with powers from 132 to 500 kW. KAMAT supplies single pump units up to 800 kW and the installed power consumption of an entire station is more than 2,000 kW on an individual basis. KAMAT plunger pumps are used as well for dust control with spray water. KAMAT pumps are optimally suited for the required hydraulic pressures of 350 to 420 bar in mining: The high-pressure pumps were developed for 3,500 bar in continuous operation.

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