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Fig. 1. Landschaftsagentur Plus will be collaborating on future ventures with the earthworks laboratory Erdbaulaboratorium Saar. // Bild 1. Die Landschaftsagentur Plus wird zukünftig mit der Erdbaulaboratorium Saar zusammenarbeiten. Photo/Foto: RAG MI

Landschaftsagentur Plus safeguarding the future

Landscape agency Landschaftsagentur Plus will be collaborating on future ventures with earthworks laboratory Erdbaulaboratorium Saar GmbH, Riegelsberg/Germany. The two organisations have signed a cooperation agreement to formalise their partnership (Figure 1). “By signing this agreement, we are taking another important step to safeguard our company’s future,” explains Martin Strauß, Managing Director of Landschaftsagentur Plus. Erdbaulaboratorium Saar (ELS) and Landschaftsagentur Plus have been working towards a possible partnership for several months. By pooling their extensive skills and expertise in their respective fields, both organisations can access new and exciting market opportunities, both in the Saarland and beyond.

Geoscientific engineering company ELS specialise in technical and business consultation and inspection services, in particular conducting ground surveys and compiling specialist reports on soil mechanics, earthworks, foundation engineering, geotechnics and environmental impact. Besides their well-established operations in the fields of geotechnics and site contamination, the company’s service portfolio has expanded over the years to include the specialist areas of hydrology/groundwater modelling, building demolition/dismantling planning and surface water seepage.

“In any building project, the developer responsible is faced with technical and economical questions that need answers,” explains Friedwalt Weber, Managing Director of ELS. “And then there’s the matter of what we call the green issues.” It is not uncommon for building projects to impact on nature and landscapes. The developer is required to either minimise these impacts or compensate for them at another location. These measures are presented in an accompanying landscape conservation plan. For the developer, this means employing the services of numerous partners.

“And that’s where our cooperation agreement comes in,” adds Strauß. Landschafts-agentur Plus provides services for all aspects of impact management. Whether measures to compensate or replace, species conservation requirements or legally required reforestation, Landschaftsagentur Plus takes care of all the tasks involved in the approval process, right through to the execution and ongoing support of the compensation obligations. “As cooperative partners, we can now offer the developers a one-stop shop for tailored solutions.”

This is not the first time the two companies have joined forces. They have both been working in association with RAG Montan Immobilien for years. “We recognise and value one another’s skills and expertise. We bring these together as cooperation partners and act as a single point of contact for the customer. This makes us unique on the market,” explain the two managing directors.

Landschaftsagentur Plus is a joint venture company of RAG Montan Immobilien GmbH, Essen/Germany, together with HVG Grünflächenmanagement GmbH, Gelsenkirchen/Germany. (ELS/Landschaftsagentur Plus/Si.)