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Fig. 1. The TUG HD belt clamp is suitable for a variety of materials and belt types, and it meets rigorous industry standards. // Bild 1. Die Bandklemme TUG HD eignet sich für verschiedene Bandmaterialien und -arten und erfüllt die hohen Sicherheitsstandards der Industrie. Photo/Foto: Flexco

Light work for heavy conveyor belts

At Katowice 2017, the international trade fair for mining, the power industry and metallurgy which took place from 29th August to 1st September 2017 in Katowice/Poland, Flexco Europe GmbH, Rosenfeld/Germany, showcased solutions that allow conveyor system operators to improve their processes while greatly simplifying maintenance and repair work. Among them was the new PT EZ Pro belt centring station, which detects a skew and realigns the belt correctly – an important step in preventing material losses and protecting belt edges.

If the belt wanders, the unique pivot and tilt movement of this centring station guides it back into the correct position. The PT Pro EZ is suitable for light to medium-duty applications and for reversible belts with widths of up to 1,200 mm. Conveyor system operators can use the belt centring station even for belts with worn or damaged edges. The station is quick and easy to install thanks to the uncomplicated design of the brackets and components. One special feature of the PT Pro EZ is that the belt guide pulley is polyurethane-coated as standard. This increases the pulley’s service life and gives it more grip in wet conditions. Competitors usually charge extra for this feature.

A new addition to the Flexco range is the FLEXCO XP mechanical connector, designed for use in surface and underground mines. It is suitable for PVG/PVC conveyor belts with strengths of up to 1,750 N/mm and can be installed manually. Flexco also offers a hydraulically operated press for even faster installation.

The connectors are flat in design, thus improving the approach for cleaning systems. The connection also lasts much longer than comparable competitive systems, allowing mine operators to increase the productivity of their conveyor systems, since they have fewer breakdowns and less maintenance work.

When technicians have to do maintenance work on a conveyor system, the belt comes to a halt. But the tension on the belt might be uneven owing to its dead weight. To ensure that a belt can be safely cut and securely spliced, the forces in the area under repair should be distributed over the whole width and the ends held firmly in place. For this purpose Flexco has developed the TUG HD belt clamp (Figure 1). It is suitable for a variety of materials and belt types, and it meets rigorous industry standards. With its clamping force of 6 t it can be used for belt widths up to 1,800 mm and belt thicknesses up to 50 mm. The version for 8 t is designed for widths up to 2,400 mm and thicknesses up to 55 mm.

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