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Pump manufacturer Pleuger on expansion course with Build-to-Order strategy

Pleuger Industries GmbH, the Hamburg-based quality manufacturer of submersible motor pumps, exhibited in the Germany Pavilion of Asia Pacific’s International Mining Exhibition 2019 (AIMEX) in Australia. In addition to the latest applications in the fields of mine drainage and process water pumping, the Pleuger management presented an energy-efficient synchronous motor with permanent magnet drive, which scores with low life cycle costs in particular (Figure 7).

At this year’s AIMEX, Pleuger’s energy-efficient permanent magnet motor, which was also created by Hamburg engineers for pumping applications in the mining industry, should attract attention. The synchronous motor with permanent magnet rotor has up to 14 % higher efficiency compared to conventional induction motors. Since 90 % of a submersible motor pump’s life-cycle costs are attributable to power consumption, the latest technology provides enormous power saving potential. The hermetically sealed rotor is also protected against corrosion and mechanical influences and contributes to maintenance-free operation.

Innovations like these are based on Pleuger engineers‘ decades of project experience. At the production site in Hamburg, the R&D department creates tailor-made unique alternatives for mining companies around the world. These include iron ore mines in Western Australia, copper mines in Chile, uranium mines in Niger and opencast lignite mining in Germany.

Pleuger is able to guarantee its clients the suitable after-sales service with a dense network of sales partners and expand its built-to-order strategy worldwide. The company’s global expansion course was strongly promoted by the US-American company Flacks Group’s acquisition. Most recently, Pleuger established sales offices in Moscow and Miami and has invested in additional local service personnel.

Pleuger’s machine manufacturer’s range includes standard and special units from 4 to 50″, depending on the customer’s requirements. Pressure jacket pumps that do not require dynamic seals and are therefore considered particularly reliable are used to increase the pressure in pipelines.

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