The supervisory board of STEAG GmbH, -Essen/Germany, has filled three vacancies on the company’s management board for the coming years. On 1st May 2020, Michael Baumgärtner, who left his role of CFO on the management board on 30th April 2020, was replaced by Heiko Sanders. The businessman and tax consultant, who holds a doctorate, has many years of experience in the energy sector. Up until September 2015, he was CFO of the energy service provider EWE AG in Oldenburg (Lower Saxony). From April 2016, he managed two of his own companies: Dr. Sanders Organisationsberatung, which focused on the areas of strategic development, mergers and acquisitions, and Dr. Sanders Investments. The appointment of Wolfgang Cieslik, Managing Director for Markets and Production, will end on 30th September 2020. His successor, Ralf Schiele, will take up his position on 1st October 2020. The PhD mechanical engineer and current chairman of the board at STEAG Energy Services GmbH (SES), has held various management positions within the STEAG Group since July 1999. SES is one of the world’s leading service providers for energy production facilities. Alfred Geißler, Director of Human Resources and Director of Labour Relations, will be succeeded by Andreas Reichel on 1st August 2020. The doctor of law is a member of the board of executives at E.DIS AG in the Brandenburg town of Fürstenwalde, is responsible for the Human Resources department, and is Director of Labour Relations. He simultaneously holds the role of Managing Director of Labour Relations at E.ON Deutschland. Since 1995, Andreas Reichel has held a leading role in various group companies in the energy sector.