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STEAG sells its regional power grid in the Saarland

STEAG GmbH is selling its regional power grid in the Saarland to Creos Deutschland Holding GmbH with retroactive effect from 1st January 2017 as part of portfolio optimisation measures. The sale contract was signed on 31st July 2017. The sale of the Saarland power grid is part of the “STEAG 2022” strategy project, under which the Essen-based company is also reorganising its portfolio. The sale took place through a competitive bidding process set up by STEAG, in which Creos Deutschland Holding GmbH emerged as the successful bidder. The purchase price has not been disclosed.

STEAG Netz GmbH operates a medium- and high-voltage grid, around 450 km in length, with a staff of 26 in the Saarland. Back at the start of the 20th century, the grid supplied electricity to the mining industry in the Saarland. Today, the grid is used by industrial and business customers, energy producers and regional distributors. The distribution network is made up of 194 km of high-voltage overhead lines (110 kV and 65 kV) plus 277 km of medium- and low-voltage cable, and has around 240 points of use in total. It stretches from the south-west of the Saarland (border with France) to the north-east (border with Rhineland-Palatinate). It runs through the Saarland from Warndt in the south-west to Lebach in the north and Bexbach in the east. (STEAG/Si.)