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STEAG takes over operations management in Brazil

On 1st February 2016, STEAG Energy Services do Brasil Ltd. (SESBR) took over responsibility for managing the operation of a gas treatment plant owned by Parnaiba Gas Natural S.A. (PGN). The Brazilian STEAG subsidiary was awarded this contract at the end of last year. Ulrich Sigel, Member of the Board of STEAG Energies Services GmbH, explained that his company’s operations and maintenance concept, based on their internationally recognised expertise in managing operations at thermal power plants, had convinced the customer that they were the right people for the job. For STEAG Energies Services GmbH, this also means venturing into a new field of business – operations management at oil and gas facilities.

Located in the state of Maranhao in northern Brazil, the treatment plant conditions and cleans the natural gas from multiple gas fields. This process involves removing condensates (water and hydrocarbons) and filtering out solids. The natural gas is then compressed, conditioned and conveyed to a power plant approximately 1 km away, owned by the Brazilian operator ENEVA. The contract with the Brazilian STEAG subsidiary SESBR has been agreed for an initial term of two years. (STEAG/Si.)