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Fig. 1. Shaft hoisting system for the Hongqinghe main shaft project. Bild 1. Schaftfördermaschine für den Hauptschacht des Hongqinghe Projekts. Photo/Foto: SIEMAG TECBERG

The Most Advanced Shaft-Hoisting System

Yitai Group recently awarded SIEMAG TECBERG with an order in the double-digit million euro range to install four shaft hoisting machines at the company’s new coal mine in Inner Mongolia, known as the Hongqinghe project. The project marks a new cooperation between SIEMAG TECBERG and Yitai Group as a worldwide flagship project. Two of the four machines are skip winders, each with integrated 9000 kW motors.

These mine winders are the biggest ever supplied by SIEMAG TECBERG, and are the largest in the world to feature a motor integrated in the drum. The compact design will help Yitai Group to reduce investment costs associated with the new colliery. What’s more, the carbon footprint of the integrated machines with double winding at full load but only at half speed – is smaller than that of a conventionally designed plant.

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