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Fig. 1. At the booth of pump manufacturer Tsurumi, visitors to the show were able to see firsthand how a submersible aerator injects large amounts of oxygen into a huge water bassin. Photo: Tsurumi

Tsurumi at IFAT 2022 – New pumps and accessories

Düsseldorf/Germany, 7.6.2022

At the IFAT booth of exhibitor Tsurumi, it was clear that in addition to pumps as the main elements of the water system, accessories are increasingly coming into focus. Innovations such as the LSC2.75S were demonstrated in wet operation.

A pump here, a submersible aerator there: it’s easy to lose track of everything. It’s not just the systems for submersible aeration that have to run properly to ensure that all parameters are right. With Tsurumi Connect, the manufacturer has presented its system for monitoring and control. All that is needed is a small hardware box that connects to the Internet. Coupled devices – also from other manufacturers – can then be monitored around the clock. In addition, processes can be programmed, locations queried, alarms received and energy consumption called up.

Tsurumi’s retrofit kits for many series are also helpful, including the new TSS-TEG leak sensor. It detects water leaks in the housing. A relay is all that is needed to automatically shut down the system before major damage occurs. The sensor is cleverly integrated into the oil drain plug. It can be installed in no time at all: old screw out, new one in. Float switches were also a topic, because there is another way: Tsurumi’s level sensors are a fail-safe alternative because the electrodes have no mechanics.

In Hall B1, however, the Düsseldorf-based company mainly exhibited its core range of dewatering, residual water and wastewater pumps as well as submersible aerators (Figure 1). In the latter, the TRN-FL is of interest for dissolved air flotation to achieve higher air inputs in the biological clarification stage with smaller bubbles. How well a TRN works was impressively demonstrated in the water basin. Using cutaway models, interested visitors were able to get an idea of how the manufacturer achieves its performance values. For example, with the new LSC2.75S residue dewatering pump, which can collect water down to a residual height of one millimeter.

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