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Two new wall calendars on historical mining

Fig. 1. “Saxon Mining 2022” wall calendar. Source: König

In the 29th original Saxon mining calendar, “Saxon Mining 2022”, the various facets of the Saxon mining industry are once again being presented in pictures (Figure 1). Large-format photographs of historical mines, functional buildings, shafts, tunnels and drifts bear witness to the unique cultural landscape of the Ore Mountains. Historical crack illustrations, written material, medals, models and the maintenance of tradition are among the range of topics covered by this unique wall calendar. With two pages per month, it is twice as extensive and therefore one of a kind.

This themed calendar has been a popular wall decoration for everyone professionally connected to mining since 1994. Companies use it as a gift for employees, customers and business partners.

Fig. 2. “Shaft hoisting systems in European mining 2022” wall calendar. Source: König

The first edition of the new “Shaft hoisting systems in European mining” 2022 mining calendar depicts historical mining towers, pit frames and horse mills from European mines (Figure 2). The technical monuments are impressive contemporaries of past mining activities. A map of Europe shows the selected mines in Great Britain, Germany, Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Austria and Slovenia. The large photographic images give this special wall calendar its unique charm. People who work in mining or are interested in mining will enjoy it a lot.

Both mining calendars are available exclusively from www.bergbaukalender.de. Shipping within Germany is free. It can be delivered worldwide. (König/Si.)