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Fig. 1. The delegation from Ukraine sought advice from the pump manufacturer Tsurumi on dewatering technology to repair war damage. Photo: Tsurumi)

Ukrainians visit Tsurumi headquarters

The Ukraine is groaning under the consequences of the war, but is already thinking about reconstruction. A Ukrainian delegation therefore recently visited the European headquarters of the Japanese pump manufacturer Tsurumi in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The focus was on dealing with the damage caused by the Russian war. This is affecting life and the infrastructure in many places in the country. For example, the destruction of the Kakhovka dam on the Dnipro River led to huge floods. As a result, coal-fired power plants had to be closed due to flooding. Like many other things, they are to be dewatered as quickly as possible.

As the world’s largest manufacturer in the industry, Tsurumi is considered an important address. Not least because it does not manufacture to order, as is customary in the industry, but keeps almost all pumps ready for delivery in its European warehouses.

The delegation of technology experts and decision-makers learned about the technical option for the removal of clear, dirty and waste water. Tsurumi’s pump programme for the European market includes about 500 models delivering up to 30 m3/min or 216 m head.

Fig. 2. Easy self-maintenance of the pumps is important for the Ukrainians: practically all Tsurumi pumps meet this requirement, as they are modular with many common parts. Photo: Tsurumi

An important aspect for the Ukrainians: the pumps should be self-serviceable and require little effort to maintain – a key feature that almost all Tsurumis fulfil. Some of the participants wanted to experience this right on site: they carried out the maintenance of a pump unit themselves, following instructions given by Tsurumi personnel. Even before the war, Tsurumi supplied pumps to Ukraine.

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