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“The system is very easy to use”, says Marek Sosnik Dump truck operator at Heidelberg Materials. “Before starting work I must log into it and just follow the instructions displayed on the screen.” Photo: Komatsu

Komatsu’s Operator Guidance Monitor

A digital solution to increase savings and safety for your Rigid Dump Trucks on mining and quarry jobsites.

Komatsu’s Operator Guidance Monitor (OGM) is a revolutionary tool designed to optimize the efficiency of your fleet of rigid dump trucks, and to reduce unit production costs.

Its easy-to-use, clear program allows you to set Key Performance Indicator (KPI) targets and adjust operating parameters, to let your Komatsu trucks operate in the most efficient way possible. OGM is a tool thanks to which operators control and optimize their work in real time. It helps raise and refine their skills, resulting in higher fuel savings and productivity, and increased safety on the jobsite.

Marek Skrzydel, Quarry manager at Heidelberg Materials says: “This system allows us to analyse data in real time and we can analyse production and discuss the achieved goals by operator on an ongoing basis.”

Customers can quickly set parameters such as payload, planned duration and fuel consumption for each work cycle, idle time, and production (tonnes per hour), target by loading and dumping location.

The OGM screen also shows real-time warnings for dangerous operating events, such as excessive speed and sudden braking. Thanks to a unique login ID, operators’ performance can be analysed individually.

Can-bus data from the machine’s operation are sent automatically, the user has access to them via a web-based dashboard. The data can be filtered by date, machine, shift, operator and loading and dumping locations.

“Operator guidance monitor is one of the new digital Komatsu solutions to support our customers with their daily quarry operation” says Wouter Boon Telematics specialist at Komatsu Europe. “Operator guidance monitor gives a possibility to set visualized KPI for the operators and follow up and adjust if needed in real time.”

A summary of OGM benefits

  1. In the back office, target KPIs and event thresholds such as speed limits are set up for each haul road from any remote location. The status of each target can be followed by date, time, shift, or operator. The automatic data acquisition from the machine allows remote reporting of production and event data via the dashboard.
  2. Each operator has his own OGM account. Before starting work, he logs directly into the tool’s easy-to-operate 8′ monitor installed inside the cabin.
  3. After logging in, the system automatically detects and displays the haul road specific KPI’s on the monitor, according to which the operator adjusts the pace and dynamics of the hauler’s work. Thanks to real-time feedback of operation data, each operator can follow up on individual KPI, as optimal values when loading, transporting, and unloading material.
  4. With parameter values updated in real time, the operator learns how to operate the machine at its best. No input from the operator is required and self-learning is encouraged through this “visualization”of operation performance. This all results in fuel savings and more efficient production, achieved in the safest way possible.
  5. With real time operator alarms for unsafe operation, such as over speeding or sudden braking, job site safety is improved and can be monitored continuously.

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