Fig. 1. The quality of training at the BEUMER machine factory is of a very high level. // Bild 1. Die Ausbildungsqualität der BEUMER Maschinenfabrik ist auf einem sehr hohen Niveau. Photo/Foto: BEUMER

“We are on the right path”

For the third time in succession, the business magazine Capital and the personnel marketing specialists at Ausbildung.de and Territory Embrace have published a study on the “Best Trainers in Germany”. Right at the forefront is the company BEUMER Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG in -Beckum/Germany. The system supplier was able to achieve five out of five possible stars in the study and is therefore listed among the 445 best training companies in the country (Figure 1).

Over 600 companies responded to a detailed questionnaire that was provided with more than 90 questions. The result of this comprehensive study clearly reveals the challenges that a number of different companies face. More than a half complained about a declining number of applications submitted by young people, while 70 % determined a decrease in the quality of applicants themselves. “These challenges faced by companies result in particularly good conditions for apprentices, however,” remarks Gero Hesse, who is the managing director of Territory Embrace, a service provider for employer branding and talent relations. The companies pay special attention to the requirements of the respective apprentices and offer individual support.

No fewer than 445 companies received good or even excellent evaluations in the examined criteria of supervision, in-house learning, opportunities for success, digitalisation and innovation, and marketing for training. BEUMER performed above average in all areas and achieved the maximum rating of five stars. Consequently, the mechanical engineering company was designated one of “Germany’s Best Trainers” and stood out thanks to its excellent performance and top quality. “We are very happy with this result”, remarked Michael Dilla, head of technical professional training at BEUMER. “This shows us that we are on the right path, since we give special attention to the development of the trainees we take on.”

The participants in the study come from all regions and industries within the country – from corporations listed on the German stock exchange to organisations run by local tradespeople. Young people on the search for the right apprenticeship can use this for guidance on how to get off to a good start in the world of work and professional training. (BEUMER/Si.)