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Predicting Acid Mine Drainage: Past, Present, Future

Total worldwide liability associated current and future remediation of acid mine drainage (AMD) is approximately 100,000 million US-$. Consequences of failing to predict AMD for individual operations and for the mining industry include unplanned spending on remedial measures and reputational damage. Despite these severe risks, predicting AMD properties of mine wastes is typically not an attribute that is strongly embedded ...

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Setting the REE Industry-Specific Criteria and their Significant Role in the Viability of Rare Earth Underground Mining Projects

To evaluate the feasibility of a future underground mining operation is a complex problem in itself, with several different parameters to be accounted for and evaluated to secure investment decisions over the viability of any potential underground mining project. This procedure gets even more complicated when it comes to exploiting rare earth deposits. Various concerns are expressed regarding the environmental ...

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The ENTRIA Project: Selected Disciplinary and Interdisciplinary Research Topics

Issue 03/2015 ENTRIA (“Disposal Options for Radioactive Residues: Interdisciplinary Analyses and Development of Evaluation Principles”, ­www.entria.de) is a joint research project carried out by twelve departments and institutes from German universities and major research institutions and one partner from Switzerland. It is financed by the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Scientists representing natural sciences, civil engineering, philosophy, law, ...

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Optimization of mucking and hoisting operation in conventional shaft sinking

Ausgabe 01_2015 The mostly applied shaft sinking method is conventional shaft sinking by drilling and blasting. Using this method, almost any shaft geometry is feasible and challenging ground conditions can be sunk through with acceptable sinking performances. Particularly mucking and hoisting operations of the sinking cycle have a relevant impact on sinking performance and offer a considerable optimization potential. Nevertheless ...

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