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Company profile – Becker & Hüser GmbH

Becker & Hüser GmbH is based on the left bank of the Lower Rhine in Germany near the Dutch border and was founded by Jürgen Becker and Harry Hüser in 1979. Becker & Hüser internationally provides specialist services relating to cable repairs. The company provides advice on which procedures are suitable for each intended purpose so that the repair is of a high standard, long-lasting, reliable, functional and cost-effective. The Service team can be contacted 24 hours a day, which means that services can be made available within a very short space of time.

Repairs are carried out in pits above and below ground, in lignite open cast mining, in railway systems and docks, in gravel-dredging facilities, to conveyor systems, installations/equipment on ships, cranes as well as to copper cables and all types of lines, including those with fibre optic cables.

The following procedures are used for these applications: connections equal to the outer jacket such as splice connections for cables and lines with high mechanical resilience and high flexibility requirements or press connections for cables and lines with low (normal) mechanical resilience requirements and limited flexibility; fixed connections such as sleeves in heat shrinking, slip-on shrinking and cold shrinking applications with low mechanical resilience and flexibility requirements; sleeves in casting applications with low mechanical resilience and flexibility requirements.

For repairs and the customisation of cables and lines, Becker & Hüser provides pressure-resistant end sealing, filler end sealing, slip ring end sealing and open air plate end sealing, etc. up to 30 kV in heat shrinking, cold shrinking, slip-on and vulcanising applications, for example.

The services also include measuring voltage, insulation, loop resistance and dB as well as fault localisation.

Becker & Hüser GmbH has voluntarily undergone inspections by reputable cable and line manufacturers which prove the high standard of repairs carried out. The company has also been certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001, SCC and OHSAS for many years.

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