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Figure: Belt cleaners keep material from sticking to the belt after it leaves the transfer point. Bild: Bandabstreifer sorgen dafür, dass nach dem Übergabepunkt kein Schüttgut am Band haften bleibt. Photo/Foto: Flexco

Keeping belt conveyors perfectly clean

Operators of conveyor systems in coal mines, underground mines, steel mills and wood-processing mills need to keep their belts as clean as possible. That’s because carryback can be a significant cost factor. The best results are usually achieved with a combination of precleaners and secondary cleaners. Flexco Europe GmbH offers easy-to-mount, low-maintenance cleaners for standard and heavy-duty applications. Users can put together their own systems to meet their individual needs.

The materials, such as salt, hard rock, iron ore, cement or sand, that are transported by conveyor belts from the excavation point to a plant or port facility can be very diverse, and their properties can differ as well. They can be moist, sticky, dry, acidic or abrasive. Environmental temperatures, which can be extreme underground, are another problem. In all these conditions, belt conveyors must be cleaned in an efficient manner. This task is handled by precleaners, which are mounted on the pulley and by secondary cleaners, which are usually located just past where the belt leaves the head pulley.

Flexco’s precleaners have blades made of polyurethane which glide smoothly over mechanical splices without damaging the belt. The spring tensioning system allows the blades to avoid obstructions. Operators can perform all maintenance work without difficulty. Blade retensioning and replacement are easy to carry out. On request, Flexco can also provide blades with high resistance to heat and chemicals. Blades are available for all standard belt widths. Flexco offers precleaners to meet the requirements of various applications, including low heights and temperatures up to 163 °C. For mining they are available in standard-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty versions. The MMP heavy-duty precleaner, for example, is made of stainless steel and comes with dual tensioners. The HV precleaner is designed for the high temperatures encountered in underground mining. Its carbide tips deliver superior cleaning performance with vulcanized belts. Precleaners can be used at belt speeds of 2.5 to 7 m/sec.

Secondary cleaners increase the cleaning efficiency to more than 90 % by removing fine material as well. They are equipped with wear-resistant carbide blades and are available for all standard belt widths. The blades have C-tips for mechanical fastener applications or V-tips for vulcanized belts. Patented cushions maintain optimal belt contact. Designs are available for low installation heights, standard-duty to heavy-duty applications, and special cases such as cupped belts and belts with worn centres.

All PU blades have a faceted profile design that renews the blade edge as it wears, ensuring constant cleaning performance over the blade’s entire lifetime. The poles are designed to resist the powerful twisting forces caused by continuous belt motion. Together with Flexco, operators of conveyor systems can analyse their needs and select the solution that is best for them.

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